Best Fly Rod for Reservoir Fishing

Best fly rod for reservoir fishing

Choosing the best fly rod for reservoir fishing is a difficult decision and can be quite subjective. Obviously, one major constraint is budget. The other factors when choosing which fly rod is best include: What type of water you are fishing? Predominant fishing style (striping lures, wet fly, dry fly, nymphs?) casting ability,…

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Best Breathable Waders 2017

Best breathable waders.

For those of you who are looking for the best fishing waders in 2017, you have come to the correct page. The following article outlines both the best breathable waders in 2017 and also the best neoprene waders in 2017.  Choosing breathable waders and choosing neoprene waders can be very…

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Which Fly Box is Best for Reservoir Fishing?

Fly box

For a long time I have been flitting from one fly box to another, trying to find a convenient way to store my flies… This article outlines what I believe are the modern requirements for boxes and outlines my two favourites. My favourites can be purchased relatively cheaply through Amazon via the…

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Reservoir Fly Fishing Techniques – A Basic Guide

Selection of Reservoir Flies

This page is designed to act as a first port of call for those that are new to reservoir fly fishing or those looking to start using new methods. I recognise how daunting reservoir fishing can be to new fly fisherman. Many anglers’ start fly fishing on small Stillwater’s, before…

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“Stockie Bashing” Tips For Reservoir Fishing for Freshly Stocked Trout

Reservoir Rainbow Trout Flies

First things first, as most anglers are aware, when reservoir fishing, freshly stocked rainbow trout congregate in large shoals and are generally easy to catch. When a shoal is located, it can be possible to bag over 20 fish in a few hours. Time and time again competitions are won…

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Which is the Best Fluorocarbon Leader for Reservoir Fishing?

Fluorocarbon Fly Fishing Leader

Almost completely invisible under water – Fluorocarbon as a refractive index that is almost identical to water, therefore light goes through the material without refracting, making it virtually invisible. I used to find that monofilament could be very shiny in the water, which could potentially spoke line shy fish.   …

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How Airflo Fly Lines are Made… The Airflo Story

Airflo Fly Lines

Here is a nice piece showing how the high tech Airflo fly lines are manufactured. I found this very interesting so thought I would share: I have always found the Airflo floating lines to be a bit mediocre, if I am honest (just my opinion…), they tend to have a bit too…

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5 Must Have Reservoir Dry Flies fo Fly fishing in the UK

Reservoir Fishing Dry Flies

There is nothing better than watching a trout work its way up a wind lane, sipping dry flies off the surface. You know full well that if you can skilfully place your dry fly delicately on the water a few inches in front of the hungry fish, an exhilarating take is almost…

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Top Trout Fisheries

Clywedog Rainbow Trout Reservoir

Below we have provided a list of major trout fisheries from around the UK (mainly larger waters that allow reservoir fishing). There are obviously many more trout fisheries out there (large and small), if you would like us to add your fishery to the list, please do get in touch…

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4 Best Competition Fly Rods for Loch Style Reservoir Fishing

trout fishing rod enigma

Competition Fly Rods This post relates to competition fly rods for loch style fishing on the reservoirs of the UK e.g. home internationals, Lexus Fly Fishing Championships etc… River fishing is a completely different kettle of fish and requires very different tackle. Also, fishing the wilder lochs/ loughs of Scotland and…

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