Which Fly Box is Best for Reservoir Fishing?

For a long time I have been flitting from one fly box to another, trying to find a convenient way to store my flies… This article outlines what I believe are the modern requirements for boxes and outlines my two favourites. My favourites can be purchased relatively cheaply through Amazon via the following links:

Fly box requirements

I think a box needs to fulfill the following requirements:

1)      Store hundreds (if not thousands) of flies.

2)      Allow you to see what flies you have (i.e. ensuring that they can be viewed and are not too crammed in).

3)      The box needs to float if dropped in the lake or river.

4)      The box needs to be water tight, so that your flies are protected from the weather and against water ingress after being dropped in the water.

5)      The box needs to be as compact as possible.

6)      The box needs to be light weight.

7)      The box fastening needs to be secure so that the box does not open when dropped. There is nothing worse than dropping your box in the lake a seeing it open up face down in the water…

Anglers have generally settled on multi-tiered wooden box of some description. Generally these boxes are ok, but they can be a bit heavy, the fastenings are usually poor, they don’t last long when exposed to the weather and they are not as compact as one would like. The market for fly boxes has been evolving over recent years, driven by the demands of competition fly fisherman, who have thousands of flies and need an optimal storage solution.

The Best Fly Box on the Market?

In my opinion the two best fly boxes on the market today for the reservoir fly fisherman are the Airflo Competitor and the Wychwood Vuefinder Competition boxes:

  • Airflo Competitor
Airflo Competitor Fly Bo

Airflo Competitor Fly Box


Airflo Competitor Fly Box

Airflo Competitor Fly Box

  • Wychwood Vue Finder Competition
Wychwood Vue Finder Competition fly box

Wychwood Vue Finder Competition fly box


wychwood vue finder fly box

Wychwood View Finder Competition Fly Box

Both fly boxes fulfill the wish list outlined above. The Wychwood view finder box allows you to browse without opening the lid, but probably doesn’t hold quite as many flies as the airflo box.

Tight lines!

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