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This site has been designed to provide reservoir trout fishing resource, with technical articles, tackle reviews, tips and tricks to improve the catch rate of reservoir fishermen, from novice anglers through to international competition anglers.

Trout Fishing Articles

If you are new to reservoir fishing, check out my ‘Reservoir Fly Fishing Techniques – A Basic Guide to Trout Fishing’ article. This post goes through the main 4-5 reservoir fishing techniques, with some basic guidance, tackle recommendations and pictures of a few of my favourite reservoir trout flies. Click on the picture below to link through to Article:

One of the critical elements of competition fishing is having the ability to catch freshly stocked trout quickly and efficiently (i.e. quicker than your competitors). Thankfully, not all competitions are won in that way, however, if you are in the competition scene, or want to try some competition fishing, you will undoubtedly need to master ‘stockie bashing’ as well as all other aspects of the sport.

I have written the following article “Stockie Bashing” Tips For Reservoir Fishing for Freshly Stocked Trout. This article provides a run through of 6 important factors to take into consideration when targeting freshly stocked trout. Click on the picture below to link through to Article:

“Stockie Bashing” Tips For Reservoir Fishing for Freshly Stocked Trout

Competition fishing can be very demanding on your tackle. Serious competition anglers are very discerning and require top notch tackle to ensure that their performance is at as high a level as possible. One aspect of this is rod choice. I have prepared an article on “The 4 Best Competition Fly Rods for Loch Style Reservoir Fishing”. This article follows some research that I have done on fly rod choice by international loch style anglers. I asked a number of top class anglers what their choice in rod was for competition loch style fishing, and the rods listed came up again and again. Click on the picture below to link through to Article:

The 4 Best Competition Fly Rods for Loch Style Reservoir Fishing

One of my favourite methods when trout fishing on reservoirs, is dry fly. There are hundreds of brilliant dry fly patterns out there to ensure that we can match the hatch. I would recommend that you do your research and understand what flies are going to be hatching on the reservoir at the time of year that you are fishing, and then ensure that you have suitable patterns in your fly box. I have written the following article: “5 Must have Reservoir Dry Flies for Fly Fishing in the UK”. This article does what it says on the tin. In reality the flies outlined are just a few of my favourites, and realistically there are a few other must haves. The 5 patterns are great though and have caught me loads of fishing, click on the picture below to link through to the article:

5 Must have Reservoir Dry Flies for Fly Fishing in the UK

Another important tackle choice relates to leader materials. My favourite leader material is fluorocarbon. I have created the following article: “Which is the Best Fluorocarbon Leader for Reservoir Fishing”, which should assist in choosing fluorocarbon brands. In the article I have discussed the virtues of fluorocarbon as a leader material, and compiled a comparison table/ chart. The comparison table lists the fluorocarbon in order of diameter, whilst providing another column which includes the cost per m of the materials. It is astonishing how big the difference in cost is in certain circumstances. Some of the premium fluorocarbon leaders (often sold on 30 yrd spools!), are some 400% more expensive than other very good alternatives. Click on the image below to read the article:

Which is the Best Fluorocarbon Leader for Reservoir Fishing

I have prepared a list of trout fisheries with website links and phone numbers, to help you find a fishing venue. Click on the following image to link to the page:

Whilst I love all fishing styles and particularly trout fishing, fly fishing on reservoirs is my favourite. There is little better than drifting from a boat and picking up trout with a well presented dry fly. If you are currently fishing on small still waters, I would thoroughly recommend giving trout fishing on a reservoir a try. Reservoir fishing is more challenging and in my opinion more rewarding.

My favourite venues for reservoir fishing include:

  • Rutland water
  • Grafham
  • Draycote
  • Chew
  • Blagdon
  • Llyn Clywedog

One place to ‘try before you die’ is Llyn Clywedog. In particular, try fishing here in mid to late June from a boat when the Coch – y –Bonddu beetles are hatching off the ferns. Some tremendous trout fishing can be had by drifting along the shore line’s casting your beetle patterns into the margins, investigating all the features (e.g. rocks, overhanging trees etc…). You will be astonished to see how close in to the shore some real specimen trout will lay. They are sat there waiting for the beetles to fall onto the water, and will aggressively take a well presented beetle imitation. During the first 4 months of the 2013 season, at least 7 rainbows over 15lb have been landed, along with several large double figure browns. 4 of the rainbows were over 19lb (the best at 21.5lb). A 25lb rainbow has been landed already during the 2014 season. Considering that the fish are stocked at between 1lb and 3lb, it is incredible how many of these large trout are being caught; they are grown on, genuine specimens.


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